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Contact Quality Relocation Services at 800.889.3895
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Moving Companies
QRS has developed agreements with many of the major van lines that allow us to pass on competitive rates for long distance moving through volume discounts to the company and employee. QRS does not charge the company a service fee for our service. QRS derives its revenue from the van lines through its agreements. Along with competitive rates, the agreements also contain service enhancements that add value for the company. A number of these provisions can be included in the long distance moving agreements:

  • Option for Replacement Cost Protection at no or reduced cost
  • Elimination of Summer Peak Rates
  • Guaranteed Not to Exceed Pricing Option
  • Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Dates
  • Compensation for Late Pickup and Delivery
  • Shorter Windows for Pickup and Delivery
  • Expedited Claims Processing
  • Invoice Auditing

Long distance moves arranged though the QRS program receive corporate-class status from the moving companies. These long distance moves are prioritized as they are considered one in a series of moves. The moving companies assign more customer service support, as they don’t want to jeopardize losing future business by providing poor service. The company can receive this level of service from our moving partners regardless of the number of moves that it might have.